Geopoetics is a trans-disciplinary, multicultural exness field of study. Geopoetics views the Environment as the whole of the cosmos and human consciousness, rather than differentiating between human life and world. This worldview resonates with the the ancient alchemy found in Taoism, Mystical Islam, Kabbalah, early chemistry, Platonism, early Christianity as well as the practices and spiritual archaeologies of tribal cultures and, now, physics. As a unifying field, Geopoetics applies to all structures exness review and situations. It provides the ground of The Healing Seed.

Founder Laura Hope-Gill has devoted twenty years to studying the creative process. Her research has drawn her through the works of artists, mystical writings, the history of science and psychology. In the study of ancient alchemy (not the metal-to-gold kind but the matter-to-spirit kind), she found an early conscilience of inner and outer realities, a balance used by poets for centuries in metaphor and myth. It also provided a bridge to early scientific writings buried within those poems and mythologies, converging psychologcial states, astronomy, physics, geology, chemistry exness registration within a genre of writing no longer spoken of. 



See how in nature everything begins, falls apart, comes together, really falls apart then comes together in a new way? This is alchemy. It is in projects, relationships, biological processes, spiritual texts even. In living with knowledge of this process, people can align their lives with the natural course and emerge through change gracefully.


1. Calcinatio: the beginning

2. Dissolutio: the loosening, the dissolution of one thing in another, such as the creative.

3. Separatio:  the separation into parts, as when in a relationship someone needs "space" to catch up with him or herself, to remember who he or she is before moving forward.

4. Conjunctio: the coming together, the reunificaiton of parts. As when a project "comes together" or a solution emerges.

5. Mortificatio: When the thing that seemed to have come together undergoes a great challenge, as to an idea, project, relationship or any process.

6. Putrefaction: When everything in a process seems hopeless, dead, beyond repair, it must be left alone.

7. Fermentatio (also, Resurrectio): When what seemed to be dead beyond repair awakens again, even better than it was before.

That's the ancient alchemical process. Everything moves through it. Knowing this process, people can anticipate the next stage and know that it, too, is transitory.


This structure appears in poems and music, as well as in the history of paradigms and life. It is the golden ratio in action. just as poetry, art and music resolve tensions and antitheses through a creative synthesis, in Geopoetics, people discover the dynamic system of nature within human life and events, dissolving the boundary between self and world and discovering the unity among peoples and systems of thought.






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