The following videos present mini lessons on the art of transformation, alchemy. For me, teaching is alchemical: we learn to work with what we know inherently and turn it into self-actualization. Learning about the old hermetic writings, as well as exploring sacred texts, I also learn about how we can move the stuff of our lives into the work of writing and moving forward.





Laura's students say: 



"I just completed a 10-week class with Laura Hope-Gill and found it extremely enlightening.  Laura brought enthusiasm and respect to each of us and to our poems and offered gentle criticism --- often in the guise of personal anecdote, a reading of one of her own wonderful poems,  or insights from one of the (other) masters.  I think that each of us left the class much better poets than when we began." Carolyn Davis 
"Laura's classes are always alive with ideas, laughter and interesting critiques of her student's work. She has a well of knowledge of both contemporary and traditional poetry and this adds depth to her teaching and gives her students models to consider as they develop their own work. She is a teacher actively engaged in her own writing and this brings authenticity to her commentary."   Marian Plaut
"Laura Hope-Gill likes to search beneath the surface of things, of events, to locate those unexpected reflections. In a clear confident diction, she walks us through the intimate lyric landscape to the edge of imagination and pushes off. In work-shopping other poets work, she has a knack of quickly ferreting out the structural weaknesses of a poem and making reformative suggestions that honor the voice and intent of the poet, of allowing the thrown up words to resettle into an alternate and often more compelling piece of music."  Randal Pride
"I have taught in an MFA program for many years, observed many teachers, and Laura is one of the most gifted instructors of writing I have seen. Those gifts extend to her own poetry which is provocative and fresh. We are all eagerly awaiting her first collection this spring."  Katherine Soniat
"Laura is a wonderful poet who writes and thinks seriously as well as whimsically.  She has the ability to see how to tinker with someone's poem and bring it out bright and shiny, but leaving the original thoughts and language in tact.  She is a master architect who loves playing with words.  We had way too much fun for a poetry class."  Alice Johnson

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