August 17-December 12    Great Smokies Writing Program at University of North Carolina-Asheville

Up Our Game:

The Wild and Technical Aspects of Making Poems

(Lang 372, 2 credit hours)


Looking at the exness technical aspects of great poems always inspires me to “up my game” in my own writing. There are millions of pathways to the better poem. And, as we all know, there’s always a new way to look at a favorite poem. In each class we will look at a different technical aspect of writing poetry: sonics, imagery, syntax, line-break, stanza, tone, persona, form, etc., while also exploring how these support the poet’s engagement with imagination and expression. We will look at poems from across cultures, traditions and centuries and try to absorb what makes poems strong. Whether you are beginning to write poems or have published four or five books of poetry, this class can work for you. Poets just beginning will learn tools that help move poems more deftly. Poets with more experience will benefit from the challenges set forth by contemporaries and predecessors. Let’s expand our exness south africa technical awareness of poetry and Up Our Game.

10-week class—Starts September 13, Tuesday evenings, 6:00-8:30pm at Grateful Steps, Inc, 159 S. Lexington Avenue, Asheville.


August 17-September 14   "The Wasteland:" T.S Eliot's Treatise on a World without Inner Life


On the week the app for "The Wasteland" dropped, T.S. Eliot knocked both Marvel Comics and the Holy Bible off the best-seller lists for I-Pad apps. Whether or not you own one of these devices, you can join Laura Hope-Gill in a class about the famous poem (what many call the single most important poem of the twentieth century) the app relates, "The Wasteland." From the drowned exness broker review sailor to the game of chess, find out why this poem should stir so much fascination in digital form, and why the top Shakespearean and Hollywood actors, poets and musicians alike all contributed to this ground-breaking project. With biographical context, readings of Eliot's "Hollow Men," "Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock" and other great poems, participants will see how Eliot broke with pastoral tradition to make the first urban poetry while founding literary postmodernism while doing so. Laura has been a fan of Eliot for many years and is excited the I-Pad app has brought him back to the fore. Join her for this journey into a moment when humanity realized it might be losing an important part of itself in the "Wasteland." $200.00 tuition, includes book. Call 828-277-0998 or email.

Wednesdays 2-4 p.m.

Grateful Steps Publishing House and Bookshop 159 S. Lexington Avenue, Asheville.



September 21-October 26  Harajuku with Haruki: Explore Murakami Before IQ84

Just months ago, the world watched and mourned as Japan sustained three disasters: an earthquake, a tsunami and the consequent failure of the Fukushima nuclear reactors. Still, the news emerges. Still, the world embraces Japan for its people's compassion and strength. The English-speaking world also awaits the release of Haruki Murakami's twelfth novel, 1Q84, the title of which is a play on the Japanese pronunciation of the austere George Orwell novel. Comparing the earthquake and the release of a novel is not a cheap potshot to sell books. Murakami's books are now as much a part of his nation's cultural geography as the coastlines are of the natural geography. Controversial for his mixing of American and Japanese customs in his characters' lives, Murakami builds bridges around the world as well as between reality and imagination, culture and individuality, art and life. 1Q84 sold out on its day of release. Within a month, 1,000,000 people bought more copies. Join Laura Hope-Gill in an exploration of Murakami's novels The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Norwegian Wood, East of the Sun/West of the Moon, Dance Dance Dance, Kafka on the Shore, Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the Word, and After Dark and discover why October 25 marks the important date of the reading person's calendar this year. $150.00 Wednesdays 2-4 p.m. Call 828-277-0998 or email.


Grateful Steps Publishing House and Bookshop 159 S. Lexington Avenue, Asheville.




September 30-October 2.  DEPTH PSYCHOLOGY CONFERENCE, Amelia Island, Florida




Laura Hope-Gill founded Asheville Wordfest in 2008.

We Have to Take Care of Words

Beyond the Borderland

Asheville Gears Up for Wordfest

Poetry to the People

Wordfest Shouts Out

On Laura's Research into Mary Tillinghast's final stained-glass windows at Trinity Episcopal Church in Asheville.



Laura Hope-Gill teaches workshops and classes on everything from social networking to poetry to alchemy. Her fifteen years of teaching experience in various environments (prisons as well as boarding schools for the privileged) have shaped her into a master educator and speaker on a number of topics. Her students say:



"I just completed a 10-week class with Laura Hope-Gill and found it extremely enlightening.  Laura brought enthusiasm and respect to each of us and to our poems and offered gentle criticism --- often in the guise of personal anecdote, a reading of one of her own wonderful poems,  or insights from one of the (other) masters.  I think that each of us left the class much better poets than when we began." Carolyn Davis 


"Laura's classes are always alive with ideas, laughter and interesting critiques of her student's work. She has a well of knowledge of both contemporary and traditional poetry and this adds depth to her teaching and gives her students models to consider as they develop their own work. She is a teacher actively engaged in her own writing and this brings authenticity to her commentary."   Marian Plaut














CONSULTING: $100.00/ hour




 For Booking information and Appointments: contact laura@thehealingseed.com.


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