Grand Rounds Presentation at Eastern Carolina University School of Medicine, October 2018.
Keynote Speaker on Narrative Health for people with chronic and terminal conditions at Health Union Annual Conference, February 2018.
Expressing the Earth Conference on Geopoetics on Isle of Seil, Scotland, June 19-23, 2017
Chair and host of Our Voice 16th Annual Art Show featuring the art and performances of survivors of sexual assault. Blue Spiral Art Gallery, Asheville. November 9, 2017. 
Narrative Healthcare: An Overview and Discussion at Wake Forest University. Saturday April 14, 2017.
Asheville Wordfest Poetry Festival, Producer, 2008-2017.
The Future of Healthcare Conference at Lenoir-Rhyne University, 2014, 2015.
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Narrative In Healthcare Summit at Business Innovation Factory, January 2015.
Great Smokies Writing Program at UNC-Asheville: Poetry and Memoir courses since 2008
Keynote at MAHEC Conference at Kanuga, May 2010
Depth Psychology Conference, Amelia Island, Florida, September 30-October 2, 2011
The Opus Workshop at Asheville Wordfest, 2010
Pathways to Publishing: a course in the publishing universe at Grateful Steps, 2012
Social Media for Writers at Grateful Steps Publishing House, 2011-2012
The Romantic Poets at Grateful Steps Publishing House, 2011
Rise Up: Humanities Conference hosted by Lenoir Rhyne University, May 12, 2012
David Wilcox Song-Writing Weekend May, 2012



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The Narrative Healthcare Playbook. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 2015

Collaboration on piano with Roef Vertov and the Retro Legion Band. Recording forthcoming.





This photograph of my grandmother was taken on the steps of her house in Manila in 1930. Not long after, she will travel to Hong Kong where she will meet my grandfather, a physician from Edinburgh working for the Kailan Mining Adminstration. They will fall in love, marry, move from Kowloon to Swatow to Tangshan to Tianjin from where they will be removed to The Courtyard of the Happy Way, a prison camp on the Shantung Peninsula. I am writing a novel telling her story as well as a memoir telling mine.  



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