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What is the healing seed?
It is a part of us that
 once activated spreads 
throughout our minds, softening us 
where we need to soften, strengthening 
us where we have been weakened. 
It begins in silence and expands in voice.
It is a story, a poem, 
a page with a few words that in minutes 
spread into a garden 
of ideas we forgot we had, 
stories we forgot we lived.
It is infinitely small and vast at once.

 Laura Hope-Gill


Laura Hope-Gill founded the first Certificate in Narrative Healthcare program in North Carolina in 2013 at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Asheville after attending Narrative Medicine training at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. In 2014 she was invited to co-author the Narrative Playbook produced by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and now made available online to all practitioners. In 2013 she worked with Dr. Bruce Kelly at the Charles George V.A. in Asheville to pilot one of six programs in the nation in which World War II veterans’ stories are included in the patient “file” ahead of the vital statistics; this program is now being replicated nationwide.  In 2014, she assisted in launching the Poetic Medicine program at the Charles George V.A. which now presents an annual poetry reading by Vietnam Veterans. She has presented keynotes and workshops at Wake Forest School of Medicine, Appalachian State University Expressive Arts Annual Retreat, The National Association for Poetry Therapy Annual Conference, the Johnson City V.A.,  Lenoir-Rhyne and AHEC’s Future of Medicine Conference at Lenoir-Rhyne, Health Union, and forthcoming Grand Rounds at Eastern Carolina University School of Medicine. She is currently working with MAHEC and Western Carolina Medical Society to develop a Narrative Healthcare Symposium on Witness-Fatigue for October 2019.



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